Driving Americas Clean Energy Future


February 22 – February 24  Washington, D.C.

Join us in Washington, DC for the nation’s premier alternative fuel vehicle policy summit, where the nation’s Clean Cities Coalitions and transportation energy leaders will convene to share best practices and educate federal policy makers about the need for incentives, tools and resources to overcome barriers to the widespread use of cleaner vehicles and fuels. Energy Independence Summit 2015 will take place on Capitol Hill a few blocks from the Capitol Building at the Washington Court Hotel.

The 2015 Summit will be especially important as we seek to educate the new Congressional leaders and the newly elected Members of Congress about the critical role of alternative fuels and vehicles in reducing our dependence on foreign oil and boosting American jobs and economic growth. Highlights of EIS 2015 will include presentations by:

    • Key Members of Congress and staff on how the new Congress will shape prospects for federal funding and incentives to promote alternative fuels, vehicles and infrastructure;


    • Senior federal agency officials from the Departments of Energy, Transportation, Defense, Agriculture, and EPA on funding opportunities and policies that will encourage widespread use of alternative fuels;


    • State and local leaders on innovative state and local policies and programs, which are advancing markets for cleaner fuels and vehicles;


    • Top transportation energy industry leaders on new technologies and market developments that are driving the alternative fuels industry forward.

On Capitol Hill Day, Clean Cities Coordinators and our industry partners will talk directly with Congressional and federal agency officials about alternative fuel and advanced vehicle and infrastructure projects, and other successes achieved with the support of government leaders and industry. The day will close with a networking reception hosted by UPS and attended by key Members of Congress and their staff.

Thanks to our sponsors for driving the Summit to success!