Preserve the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Congress should reject efforts led by the oil industry to undermine, reform or eliminate the RFS, which sets annual standards for production and use of conventional and advanced biofuels. Congress should also encourage the Obama Administration and the EPA to continue growing RFS volumes to ensure that we are diversifying the fuels market with clean alternatives that are creating jobs and cutting pollution here at home. The RFS is working. Renewable fuels have helped reduce oil imports by 25 percent since 2000 and now provide 10 percent of America’s on-road transportation needs. The RFS supports more than 400,000 jobs nationwide across the economy. In addition to ethanol, the RFS is stimulating impressive growth in Advanced Biofuels such as biodiesel, which last year produced a record 2 billion gallons and is poised for significant growth under a stable RFS. As a result of the RFS, the first commercial facilities producing cellulosic renewable fuels are up and running and several more are under construction. For the advanced biofuels industry to continue to attract investment and flourish, it needs the policy stability provided by the RFS.