About Us

Transportation Energy Partners (TEP) is a national non-profit organization that brings Clean Cities coalition leaders together with the clean transportation industry to advance policies that will reduce American dependence on petroleum-based fuels.

TEP works closely with and provides educational and policy support to the nearly 90 Clean Cities coalitions and their 15,000 stakeholders that participate in the U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities program. Since 1993, the Clean Cities coalitions have played a leading role in implementing local programs and projects to deploy alternative fuels, vehicles, and infrastructure. The Clean Cities coalitions and their stakeholders have displaced more than 11.5 billion gallons of petroleum through the use of alternative fuels and vehicles, hybrid-electric vehicles, idle reduction technologies, fuel economy, and low-level fuel blends.

Since 2006, TEP has also convened annual Energy Independence Summits where the nation’s Clean Cities leaders travel to Washington, DC to update and educate stakeholders and federal policy makers about the benefits of the Clean Cities program and the need for additional tools and resources to overcome barriers to the widespread use of clean vehicles and fuels. As a result of some TEP efforts, leaders at all level of government are better served with funding for the deployment of clean vehicles, fuels and infrastructure.

TEP is not affiliated with the Department of Energy.

Board of Directors



Alleyn Harned, TEP President (Virginia Clean Cities)

Tammie Bostick, Vice President of Operations (Utah Clean Cities)

Brian Trice, Vice President of Events & Sponsorships (Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities)

Phillip Wiedmeyer, Vice President of Strategy (Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition)

Jonathan Overly, Treasurer (East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition)


Richard E. Battersby (East Bay Clean Cities)

Karen Coble-Edwards (National Biodiesel Board)

Lee Grannis, Chair (Greater New Haven Clean Cities)

Claude Masters (NAFA Foundation)

Jannet Malig (Long Beach Clean Cities)

Kimberly Taylor (CALSTART)

Antoine Thompson (Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition)

Joy Gardner (Empire Clean Cities)

Ajay N. Kasarabada (Black & Veatch)

TEP Executive Director:

Ken Brown



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